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Local Chiropractor Back to Work after Artificial Disc Replacement

Dr. Norman Ouzts, a local chiropractor from Greenwood, ruptured a disc in his neck while administering a maneuver on a patient. After a few days, Dr. Ouzts began to notice pain in his shoulder blade that then progressed down his arm. The pain was so severe that he was no longer able to see patients and struggled to even sign his name. After exhausting all nonsurgical options, Dr. Ouzts made an appointment at South Carolina Spine Center to see Dr. Michael Kilburn, a Fellowship-trained spinal neurosurgeon. The decision was made to completely replace the disc with an artificial disc replacement. Dr. Ouzts woke up from surgery completely pain free and soon was able to return to work.


Retired CNA, Sherry, Pain Free After Spine Surgery

When retired CNA, Sherry Johnson, woke up one morning in debilitating pain, she tried everything to find relief. A friend suggested she go to the South Carolina Spine Center for evaluation to help ease her pain once and for all.

Back on air and back to golfing with no interruptions

"Since my spine surgery, I'm able to do the things I love without the pain." You may not know his face, but chances are you know his voice. Dave Fezler is the man behind the microphone for Sunny 103.5's morning show and has been making listener's commutes more enjoyable for 12 years. However, in the fall of 2014, severe neck pain had him pressing pause on life. Click here to read about how Dave got back on the air.

Back on his game now after spine specialized physical therapy at SC Spine Center

physical therapy greenwood, back to life with non surgical spine treatmentA back problem often comes on disguised as either pain or weakness in the legs. Similarly, as an active, retired professional, Craig didn’t realize he had a spine problem until he started feeling unusually tired after walking even short distances.

“I love playing golf and taking walks with my wife, Beth, for exercise,” Craig explains. “But it was getting to the point I couldn’t keep up with Beth on our walks,” he remembers. In addition to decreased endurance, Craig was also taking shorter steps and leaning forward when he walked. He felt tightness in his thighs and a tired back after walking or standing for even short periods of time. Even though Craig continued to play golf, he tired more easily than in the past.

“When my wife finally said to me that I was walking like an old man, it prompted me to make an appointment with my doctor,” he explains. Craig made an appointment with a spine specialist at South Carolina Spine Center.

Click here to read more about how physical therapy helped Craig walk taller and return to a more active lifestyle.

Owner back to business after spine surgery relieves severe back and leg pain

Spine surgeon South Carolina, Minimally invasive spine surgery, Artificial disc replacement Spine surgeon, second opinion, Herniated disc, Laser spine surgery, neurosurgery south Carolina, Second opinion for spine surgery, Home remedies for painRay has a successful real estate business and has always enjoyed a busy and active lifestyle. He gradually started feeling pain in his lower back several years ago. He was frustrated when instead of going away, his pain and neurological symptoms started to extend into his leg, arm and shoulder.

After a period of time where he rested and took antiinflammatories to help relieve his symptoms, Ray knew it was time to learn of his treatment options. His condition was impacting his active lifestyle.

Ray sought opinions from four different surgeons. He ultimately had an unsuccessful spine surgery in Columbia. A couple weeks after his surgery, Ray noticed his pain and neurological symptoms flare up in his left arm into his left leg. This prompted Ray to begin another search for lasting relief of his spine condition.

Click here to read more about Ray's successful return to activity and return to work.

Teacher of the year back in the classroom without pain after spine surgery

Spine surgeon South Carolina, Minimally invasive spine surgery, Artificial disc replacement Spine surgeon, second opinion, Herniated disc, Laser spine surgery, neurosurgery south Carolina, Second opinion for spine surgery, Home remedies for painGlenda is a successful first grade school teacher with 34 years of tenure. She enjoys staying active by working out in the gym with her personal trainer and walking for exercise. Glenda began experiencing mild pain in her back, leg and hip several years ago. At first she didn’t think too much of the symptoms, Glenda chalked it up to years of physical activity.

But when she noticed her symptoms persist and become more intense, Glenda went to her family practitioner to find out what was causing her pain. She was given a round of steroids which offered some temporary relief of symptoms. Unfortunately, Glenda’s symptoms returned.

She scheduled another appointment with her doctor to learn of her options. Her doctor ordered an MRI of her spine. The results revealed spinal stenosis at L3-4. Meanwhile, Glenda was starting to experience more severe pain symptoms along with cramps, numbness and tingling in her right leg.

Click here to read more about Glenda's successful return to activity and return to work.

South Carolina Spine Center helps Judy return to work in the operating room

patient success story, back to work, spine surgery, herniated disc, spinal stenosis recovery, relief of pain, south carolina, greenville, greenwoodJudy leads a busy and active life with a career in nursing. Over the years, she has enjoyed running and playing softball for recreation. Unfortunately, Judy has also struggled with back and neck pain. She had a spine surgery in 2001 to relieve a herniated disc and was pleased to notice relief of symptoms for many years.

Judy’s nursing career requires she remain active. In fact, it is not uncommon for her to log 13,000 steps per shift in the operating room. In 2011, Judy started noticing lower back pain and left leg pain. At first, she chalked the symptoms up to her active lifestyle.

Click here to read more about Judy's story and how the spine specialists at South Carolina Spine Center helped Judy return to activity and return to work.




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