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Owner back to business after spine surgery relieves severe back and leg pain

patient success story, back to work, spine surgery, herniated disc, spinal stenosis recovery, relief of pain, south carolina, greenville, greenwoodRay has a successful real estate business and has always enjoyed a busy and active lifestyle. He gradually started feeling pain in his lower back several years ago. He was frustrated when instead of going away, his pain and neurological symptoms started to extend into his leg, arm and shoulder.

After a period of time where he rested and took antiinflammatories to help relieve his symptoms, Ray knew it was time to learn of his treatment options. His condition was impacting his active lifestyle.

Ray sought opinions from four different surgeons. He ultimately had an unsuccessful spine surgery in Columbia. A couple weeks after his surgery, Ray noticed his pain and neurological symptoms flare up in his left arm into his left leg. This prompted Ray to begin another search for lasting relief of his spine condition.

Over a period of several months, he went to several spine surgeons that said they could not help him because of the complexity of his condition. Ray had herniated discs in both his cervical and lumbar spine. He went to the Duke teaching hospital for a second opinion also, but wasn’t convinced he wanted to travel for surgery. Meanwhile, Ray was severely limited in his activity level and unable to stand or walk for longer than 5 minutes at a time. His pain made it difficult to get a good night of sleep also. He continued to work as much as he could. Ray was faced with the real possibility that his pain and reduced quality of life would become his new normal.

A glimmer of hope came to Ray in the form of a chance meeting with his friend, John. After exchanging pleasantries, John asked how Ray was feeling. When John learned that Ray continued to have back and leg pain, he told him about a fellowship-trained spine neurosurgeon at South Carolina Spine Center. Because John works in the surgical equipment business, he had become knowledgable about the surgeons in the area. John referred Ray to the surgeon with one of the best reputations in the region.

  patient success story, back to work, spine surgery, herniated disc, spinal stenosis recovery, relief of pain, south carolina, greenville, greenwood
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It wasn’t long before Ray was at an appointment with the spine surgeon where the surgeon reviewed and explained the findings of Ray’s MRI. The spine neurosurgeon next discussed the treatment options for his condition. Because the lumbar disc problems were the most symptomatic, the surgeon suggested treating this area first. “He explained to me that removing and stabilizing the lumbar disc herniations would not only help relieve my worst symptoms… but there was potential it could also help stave off symptoms from my cervical disc instability,” Ray remembers.

After discussing the various options with his family, Ray decided to have the surgery at South Carolina Spine Center. The surgery was a success, it has been over a year since Ray’s surgery and he is 95% pain free all of the time. He was back to light work only a week after surgery and continues to work 55-60 hours a week. “I am 100% satisfied. I’ve referred others to South Carolina Spine Center already— and will continue to do so,” Ray says.





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